Outdoor LCD screens are widely used in our daily lives, when we go into public spaces, universities, shops and other common or private spaces. We see and use LCD screens to make everything easier and faster, it is by far the best way to capture the attention of pedestrians. LCD screens make the digital city more than an advertisement, they offer an interactive experience that simple light boxes or posters cannot provide as well as making your daily life more dynamic. Thanks to high quality screens, attract the attention of visitors for information, educational and advertising purposes. Our screens can be perfectly fitted to become : advertising screens, information screens, computer screens or even didactic or interactive screens.


LCD Display Screen:

LCD screens are highly customizable, particularly in terms of size, screen resolution (HD or Ultra HD), colors for the structure or light intensity. In addition, the screens offer optimal protection against damages that can occur in the environments in which they are installed. The screens are also designed with durable materials and consume only a small amount of energy.

LCD Display Screen Interactive LCD Desk Rotating LCD Screen