Amezeus offers a large selection of high quality furniture to equip all types of locker rooms : staff, sports, industrial, etc. We provide a large range of services, starting from advisory, then delivery and installation and eventually maintenance. Our products are manufactured by highly reknown manufacturers in the field, and are therefore of excellent quality and durable. The materials, colors, patterns and dimensions are customizable to best suit your needs. Discover our selection below, we remain at your disposal for any question or request via our contact form or by phone. 

Our lockers can also be equipped with a modern and innovative electronic locking system. Installed by our techincians, the system provides you many advantages : management and optimization of the use and allocation of lockers (lockers with limited / unlimited use, single or multiple users), security system, system in case cards are lost or forgotten. The locking system can be combined to various supports : cards, badges, bracelets or even via phone (NFC). (More about our electronic locking systems)

Office, industrial, staff lockers :

In the professional environment, we offer a selection of furniture for office staff, industrial and sports users. Our high quality furniture, is manufactured by a reknown company, specialized in the design & construction of locker rooms. Our lockers adapt perfectly to the different environments in which they can be installed : individual lockers for office staff (storage of personal belongings, devices and documents), industrial lockers for staff who need a larger locker to store clothes as well as work tools and personal belongings, and for sports users to keep clothes and belongings safe during their session.

Office lockers Industrial lockers Sport lockers



Customizable lockers :

Discover our selection of locker furniture to fully equip your sports facility : whether you are a swimming pool, a sports facility, a sports centre or a gym, we are able to design and furnish your spaces dedicated to locker rooms : lockers of all kinds of dimensions, materials and design, benches, coat racks and cabinets are part of our wide selection of products.

Glass covered lockers Modern sport locker room Glass finished lockers



Modern sport locker room :

Discover our range of modern sports lockers. This range of lockers allows full customization, in terms of colors, materials used, locking system or even numbering and marking. Discover our different products : Kylia, Loksek, Arter and Hybor.

Laminate lockers Modern lockers Sports lockers