Amezeus offers a selection of modern cube lockers to store personal belongings and documents. Customizable dimensions, materials and colors enables an optimal adaptation to the environment in which they are installed. In addition, our cube lockers can be equipped with an electronic locking system allowing multiple possible configurations. The choice of design and numbering is also done according to what suits best your needs.

Our lockers can also be equipped with a modern and innovative electronic locking system. Installed by our technicians, the system has many advantages : management and optimization of the use combined to an optimal allocation of the cube lockers (limited / unlimited time, single or multiple users), security system, and a system to solve lossed or forgotten cards issues. Moreover, the electronic lockers can be opened with several different methods : cards, badges, bracelets or even by phone (NFC). (More about our electronic locking system)

Modern cube lockers :

Discover our “Lavio” and “Sempla” ranges, entirely dedicated to lockers. The materials, dimensions, colors and design are fully customizable. We also offer various locking systems : padlock, key lock, lock via electronic system requiring a card, a bracelet or a phone. The size of the cube lockers enables the storage of personal belongings : computers, documents, bags, among others.

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