Amezeus offers a wide range of school furniture to equip educational institutions of any level : primary (elementary school), secondary (high school) or higher education (university, college, specialized school). Our furniture is made with high quality, durable, and safe materials. Moreover, our equipment is perfect for furnishing entire schools or buildings, in order to keep a good level of homogeneity. Our equipment is also offered at a very competitive price, combining quality and value in an optimal way.


School furniture :

Discover our wide selection of products and furniture to equip parts or your entire institution : classroom furniture (classroom table, classroom chair, teacher desk, classroom display board and classroom cabinet), lecture hall furniture (lecture hall chair, table, lecturer desk, lecture hall display board), lockers and cube lockers with customizable dimensions, materials and colors (electronic card, bracelet or phone system can be added – see “Electronic Lockers” in our Product section for more information), school library furniture (library table, library chair, bookshelf), school cafeteria furniture (cafeteria chair, cafeteria table) and kindergarden furniture (pre-school furniture, children furniture)

Classroom furniture Lecture hall furniture Lockers (different types)
Library furniture Cafeteria furniture Kindergarden furniture