Discover our new innovative table “Desk21”. Made in Portugal and distributed in Switzerland by Amezeus, “Desk21” is our latest product that will allow your establishment to distinguish itself from the traditional classroom. Desk21 is a new table designed for the needs of modern classrooms, enabling increased interaction between students, more collaboration, and better group work. Its design adapts to different needs, allowing use for left-handed or right-handed users as well as central use. Moreover, Desk21 is designed with great attention to ergonomics and can easily be used by people in wheelchairs. Finally, desks are available in ten colors.


Innovative classroom “Desk21” :

Desk21 adapts to all possible configurations : “classroom” configuration for right-handed or left-handed students or “group work” configuration to increase student interaction as well as many other configurations that are possible and imaginable. The set consists of lightweight tables and chairs which are easy to handle and durable. In only a few minutes, the configuration of the tables can be changed. Desk21 set also includes a desk and a seat for the teacher. Finally, this set can also be equipped with an interactive board “Netboard”.

Classroom configuration Group work configuration Other possible configurations