We offer the world’s most complete and innovative range of NFC (Near Field Communication) locking solutions. Manufactured by a company specialized in innovative locking systems, the electronic locking system is popular in many different fiels, including recreational facilities, sport facilities, offices, hospitals and universities. Whether battery-powered or grid-locked, we have developed an integrated solution for all types of locker use.


Electronic locking system :

Our range of electronic solutions allows many different uses: the programming of electronic locks gives endless possibilities, in terms of the number of users, the duration of use or even the number of accesses.

It also has a remote control and monitoring system, which records a large amount of usage data that can be processed (eg the percentage of occupancy of a locker or the number of empty lockers, allowing optimize use and allocation of traps). The system also provides an increased level of security with a feature alerting the checkpoint in the event of fraudulent use of the locker.

The programming of the system also allows the unlocking of the locker by the administration in case of loss or forgetting of the card. Access programming also makes it possible to configure the number of accesses and the duration of use of a locker.

The proposed locking system is ideal for many different uses: university or school with limited-use lockers, office or business with short-term (for example cafeteria) or long (locker) lockers staff for employees), with multi-access functionality (group work, documents or shared equipment for offices, sports centers, etc.)

We also provide high quality (more about our lockers) and cube lockers (more about our cube lockers), entirely installed with the electronic locking system.. The programming of the lockers is also done by our technicians. It is also possible to order electronic locks without lockers.

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